Company founded over 30 years ago, which offers simple software for construction. Tecnobit is the professional partner of Engineers, Architects and Surveyors, in the private (Technical Studies) and public (Municipalities, Bodies) fields, for the software solution of technical building problems: CAD Design, Construction Management and Safety, Energy and Acoustic Certification of Buildings, Structural Calculation, Topography and Cadastre, Professional Plots. For CAD design, Tecnobit has chosen for its customers GStarCAD, the only real alternative to AutoCAD * at low cost, both in terms of compatibility and performance.


Tecnobit s.r.l.

Via B.Sacchi, 9
36061 - Bassano del Grappa (VI)
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telefone: 0424-568534
Email: servizioclienti@tecnobitmail.com

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